Friday, April 29, 2016

Pretty in Pink

I have been obsessed with this dress since I got it last summer! The color, the floral, the length, the comfiness...everything about it is absolutely perfect! I wear it to church all the time or just when I want to be dressed up but still comfy where I'm not miserable! This dress sold out within minutes of it being posted and I haven't seen any place carry it since I bought it. Even put the picture into Google to see what it would pull up and nothing did! If I could I would buy 3 more just like this dress just so I would always have one! Its that amazing!! I did tag a few floral dresses that are just as cute and that are perfect for summer! Have a good weekend loves! 

Dress (sold out) Here and Here

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Floppy Hat & Green

Dang Utah weather! One day its warm and sunny and the next its raining and gloomy! But with summer being just around the corner, I have been obsessed with all sandals I can find. These ones are amazing and not to mention so cute! PB&J Boutique did an amazing job with finding these and now I'm completely obsessed with them! Dress them up or dress them down and they stay as cute as ever. With this outfit I was going for comfort so paired them with this adorable yet comfy dress! I will either wear it with converse or sandals or dress it up with heels for church. Love it! And hats, my collection is growing daily. Its a problem but a problem I am willing to live with! I hope that you are all enjoying your Tuesday! Its my brothers birthday today so I will be enjoying some cake before its no sugar before the wedding! Love you all!

Hat (old) Loving
Dress (old) Similar

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Darling, Be Daring.

Happy Tuesday loves!! First, isn't my home absolutely gorgeous? This is Pineview Reservoir and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else in Utah than in my gorgeous little valley! I love how it makes for an amazing background for this dress. A little mysterious and a whole lotta cute! Lately my style is cute but getting as comfy as I possibly can without looking like I am wearing pajamas. And this dress fits this criteria perfectly!! Dress it up with heels or dress it down with converse, it is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe! And these peach colored wedges are so stinking cute and I love how you can wear them with jeans as well! I am always on the lookout for those pieces you can wear over and over again but always have it look different! Because Derek isn't too big on me always shopping and buying new things, even though I still do! Haha. Balance! Goodnight -xoxo

Wedges (Poppy and Dot instagram)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Be Outrageously Positive

When LeMotto sent me this shirt, I was so ecstatic! This world needs more love and kindness and this shirt is a constant reminder to send positive vibes to the universe. Its hard to always be positive with the ups and downs of life, but once we decide to get rid of anything seems so much better. LeMotto stands for so much more than what they say on their shirts. They donate some of their profits to causes that help kids who are suffering violent circumstances. How amazing is that? On that positive note, isn't this skirt GORGEOUS? I walked into Bohme one day and immediately my eyes were drawn to it and I just had to get it. So now it is hanging in my closet and I can't wait to wear it, like all the time! There was actually a time in my life where I refused to wear dresses and skirts, you know that awesome tomboy phase. But now I can't seem to stop buying all the cute dresses and skirts I come in contact with! Skirts and shirts with sayings are my go to lately, but can you blame me?! Have an amazing rest of your weekend! Love you all!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Give this World Good Energy

This week Derek's adorable grandma has been in town visiting from California! From working, to doing blog stuff to running all over has been a busy week! But being busy doesn't mean you have to settle for sweat pants and a hoodie. I found these pants and this shirt at Nordstrom Rack and they have been a couple of my go to pieces! The pants are stretchy and are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned, not to mention they are the cute bell bottoms that are coming back into style! Which I love! And lately with everything you see going bad in the world, I got this shirt to remind me that the world needs more good. Every time I walk into Nordstrom Rack I always walk out with something. Completely obsessed with that store, its a problem! Have you guys checked out the new Orem location? If not, I urge you to! Love you all!

Jeans (in store) Similar
Shoes (old) Similar
Bangle (white-sold out) Turquoise
Rings (sold out) Similar
Turquoise Ring (my grandmas)